AGL Golf Putting Greens

The look & feel of real grass, with extremely realistic & true golf performance.

Designed for the backyard entertainer, golf enthusiast or professional outdoor putting surface - This putting green has a tight (40 oz per yard face weight) nylon weaved blade that does not need infill. You can add a sand infill to increase performance and ball speed to help improve your game. Recommended 1 lbs per square foot of sand infill.

Realistic Look & Feel


Improve Your Game




Outdoor Backyard Putting Greens

Indoor Putting Greens

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AGL Golf T-Grass

Driving and Chipping Surface

An ideal product for PERFECTING DRIVING & CHIPPING. The surface is made entirely of highly dense (140 ounces per square yard face weight) nylon and polyethylene blades.

Because of its density, the golf tee stands securely in place. The product does not require infill, so there is no concern about infill spraying out. The multilayer backing has a unique zigzag stitch pattern to ensure the blades remain securely in place over time.

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AGL Golf Chipping Pads

Save your lawn! Improve your short game with AGL's convenient and portable Chipping Pads. Place it on any surface and swing away!

No more divots in your lawn

Improve Your Game

Indoor or outdoor

Durable & Realistic