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AGL Grass on Designing Spaces!

Designing Spaces is a hit television series that inspires viewers to make every space count, and to enjoy the space they live in. In a special “think green” episode, AGL Artificial Grass was the main product feature!

The following is part of a press release of the Designing Spaces “think green” episode:

"For Many homeowners, the onset of water restrictions means unsightly lawns during the summer months - when everyone wants to take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy their outdoor spaces. There is no responsible way to get around the need for water conservation, but Designing Spaces has discovered a way to have a beautiful green lawn with minimal maintenance and no need for fertilizer, chemicals or water. Artificial grass and landscaping, that looks like the real thing, is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. To educate viewers about the benefits of Artificial Grass, Robert Hodichak from Artificial Grass & Landscaping Inc., will be a featured guest on the “Think Green” edition of the show which airs nationally on the WE Network and TLC."