Everything you would expect from a safety surface...and much more!

When shopping for a safety surface, you look for AESTHETICS, FUNCTION, ACCESSIBILITY and DURABILITY.

Our solutions are designed for long term safety and durability, while giving you the look and feel of a beautiful park setting. AGL Grass play systems are designed with 100% polyethylene blades. The backing is specially designed to prevent wear and tear while allowing water to percolate through.

The system can also be enhanced with a foam pad to increase fall height protection. The 100% polyethylene blades allow the product to repel stains from salt, animal waste and other challenges that can come your way. The blades are also very soft, which makes for a very comfortable surface.





AGL GRASS is putting more "PLAY" in Playgrounds

AGL is giving kids a unique and fun way to enjoy their outdoor space. Artificial grass playgrounds complete with a blue stream, a colourful hopscotch, or a yellow sitting sun...

What else can be done with AGL Grass? Maybe a giant-size game of Snakes & Ladders, or a large Checker Board in a park setting? AGL Grass literally puts more “PLAY” in Playgrounds!

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We take great pride in the way our Artificial Grass looks and feels. The lush full look of AGL Grass is so realistic, you would have to look twice before you realized it was artificial. You can further enhance the look through various colour choices for pathways or logos for the ultimate playground experience.


With such strict standards on safety surfaces, AGL Grass is a wise choice. Safety surfaces are tested and evaluated on two criteria, the HIC (head injury criteria) and the GMAX (force of impaction). CSA standard requires that a safety surface must be lower than a HIC of 1000 and a GMAX of 200. The most recent 12’ fall height tests done on AGL grass exceed those expectations with a HIC 780 and a GMAX of 112. What this means is that an AGL Grass play area is extremely safe.


Accessibility is a word we hear more and more today. AGL grass meets all ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility. Artificial grass can be installed and maintain a smooth transition with almost any other surface. No worry about any trip hazards or wheelchair ramps needed.


Durability is very important. When you invest in a safety surface you want one that will last. AGL Grass has over 25 years of experience in its design. It has been proven on sport fields that receive 80 to 100 hours of play on it a week. Even if damage or vandalism was to occur the area can easily be replaced with a new piece. AGL Grass play systems are built to last.