AGL Grass brings you VISTAFOLIA

VistaFolia is the world's most beautiful and realistic artificial green wall solution for indoor and outdoor applications. The design and manufacturing of the VistaFolia panels are done with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Customers can be completely unique with their surroundings because the panels can be easily customized. There are several options available to help capture the desired look.

One of the many great features of these ultra-realistic VistaFolia Panels, is that they are extremely easy to maintain, especially when you compare to living plants - and they are a fraction of the cost. The panels are provided in coordinating packs of three that will create that realistic seamless look of real foliage. Intallation is also simple and hassle-free, thanks to the smart and easy to use wall-fixing system.

Bring your VistaFolia Panels to life by customizing with Colour Box ideas such as; Soft Lavender, Spring Pink, Delicate White and Forest Flame - as well as Texture Boxes like; Lush Greens, Large Grasses, Trailing Ivy and Buxus - sure to complete any design idea!

Bring Walls
To Life

Indoor or
Outdoor use

Unique Designs


Greening Spaces Where Real Plants Cannot Grow

The VistaFolia green wall panels have gone through meticulous research and testing not only to ensure a perfectly realistic look, but also to provide an extremely durable and long-lasting product. VistaFolia panels have both UV and fire classification ratings that are the highest in the industry, and is the only product to have ISO 9001 accreditation - making VistaFolia top in the market.

Thanks to the extreme realism and seamless panel transitions, Vistafolia makes a memorable impression. From amazing feature walls to smaller focal points, all sure to bring both residential and commercial spaces to life. Enhance your space instantly with natural-looking and realistic greenery that is lush, beautiful and eye-catching.

Bring Your Walls To Life!

The design team at VistaFolia have created a unique production method that is able to recreate stunningly accurate foliage with great attention to colours, shadings and even movements of natural plants. The goal was to create a product that is actually better than real plants.

We are proud to partner with Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls, market leading manufacturers of high-quality, ultra-realistic artificial green wall products.

• Instant feature wall all year round

• Low maintenance and lightweight system

• Ultra realistic look

• Suitable for all environments

• Allows for ambient noise reduction

• Innovative panels create a seamless coverage

VistaFolia Brochure

Click on the link below to view or download the VistFolia brochure for more details about the products.

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